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matt o'nesti

  The Brew Crew was for a long time, Youngstown State University's only comedy talk show. The show itself was started in Octobor of 2011 by comedian, Jesse Huber. Since the conception of the show, there has been a slew of big named comedians and entertainers who graced us with their voices and stories. Some of the names on that list include Sean Lynch (Celebrity Death Match), Mike Bocchetti (Artie Lange Podcast), Don Jamieson (VH1's That Metal Show), Nick Vatterott (Comedy Central's Half Hour), Scott Land (Team America: World Police), Chris Cotton (Gotham Live), Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling (Former head writer for The Howard Stern Show) and countless other comedians and creative people who may not be big names in the industry, but are some of the coolest and funniest people we ever had the pleasure of working with.

Down below we have some of our best of interviews, episodes, and segments and if you want more than what we put here, click on the logo above to check out the full soundcloud page.

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